Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Deal's off, B-Man! No one ever said anythin bout dressin like THIS!

By now practically the whole Suicide Squad movie has been leaked in the form of on set pictures and videos taken from various cellphones and whatnot, but I thought I'd show you a little "behind the scenes" from my part.

In the video I didn't get into if I liked her new look or not, but since I have room to rant here... Hold on to your seatbelts.

Let me start off by saying two things:
1) I don't like her look.
2) I think it is a very well made interpretation of her Suicide Squad comic book look. It's not their fault that the SS comic Harley's look sucks. Seriously, it's the worst version of her yet.

So yes, I do think they did a good job with interpreting her SS look, but no, I don't like the result. I don't like it for the same reasons I saw many people complaining about.

Three things basically: Her "shorts", what's written on her Jacket, and her choker. Starting off with her bottom half: I put the word shorts between quotation marks because I don't consider them to be shorts. Because of their size, they are to me, panties that are being worn as shorts. I like how they look from the front, but I don't think her butt has to be shown at all. Harley Quinn is possibly my favourite character ever and one of the things I love about her (talking about her classic version here) is that she is covered from head to toe, but is still incredibly sexy. DC have managed to take a piece of clothing off her with every version they release, it's like they're playing strip poker or something!

I'm NOT saying I think showing skin is somehow wrong or bad (I love Poison Ivy and look how much skin she shows!), I just don't think it's in keeping with Harley's character, is all.

I've seen a lot of people bothered about her shoes. With a little research I found that they are actually Jeremy Scott shoes worth about €350. The fact that they're designer shoes is totally in keeping with the character, since Harley is a shop-a-holic and loves to spend the cash she steals. What doesn't add up though is those massive heels. She's practically a gymnast, so wtf DC?! But they do look good with the outfit...

Now about her jacket. Oh boy her jacket...

Don't get me wrong, the design is cute and quite contemporary. The lettering on the back is pretty and all, but what's written is just not right. I've actually sat and tried to come up with reasons as to why she'd wear it. "Maybe ironically? Or there's like a brand called Joker that makes stuff like this? Or.... UGH!" Harley is Joker's biggest fan and is madly in love with him. She does have TONS of Joker merchandise (hello Joker shrine-cave-thing in the abandoned theme park!) but she does NOT consider herself a property of his. HE considers her as property. Their relationship is a very abusive one because she's deluded thinking he loves her and he just holds on to her as if she's just another tool he can use to get to the Batman or whatever it is he's scheming. Not even in her "Mad Love" days she'd wear something like this. I reeeeally hope they made it into something ironic.

And lastly her "PUDDIN" choker. She is not "the puddin", the Joker is. Why would you wear something with someone else's nickname on it? Plus, the choker is just a bit too much considering the jacket, plus the shirt written "Daddy's Little Monster". Just chose one or two of these items. Don't go overboard like an over-excited pre-teen at Hot Topic.

With all that said, I do want to watch the movie before I make any serious judgements. These are just first impressions, after all.

Okay, now that that's out of my system lets go to what really matters...

The makeup itself is quite simple to do, and from what I've seen of the leaked images it does change quite a bit (sometimes it looks more like running liquid or tears, sometimes like it's been smudged with fingers) and I've heard she will have many outfit changes, so I'm looking forward to seeing all her different looks.

Tears vs. Smudged

The look I based myself off of was the smudged one, since that's what also appears on the officially released image.

Now you may be thinking "Why did you go through the trouble of making a tutorial if you don't even like the look?!" and that's because I personally may not have liked it, but I know a good amount of people who did like it, so I thought I'd try to help out any cosplayer thinking of putting this outfit together.

And after my huge rant, here's my take on her.

If you've watched the tutorial, you'll have seen my hair isn't all blond in it, and TONS of people asked me "What sort of sorcery" I did in the pictures. The answer is simple: Photoshop!

Just to make it a bit more accurate, I copied the blond side over to the black side and changed the blue to pink. That's all! =]

Now without further ado (after much ado xD) here's the video tutorial. I hope you enjoy it!

What did you think of her look? Love it or hate it? Tell me in the comments bellow!

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