Sunday, July 12, 2015

I'm still here

I realize I haven't posted in aaaages. Over a month actually, and that sucks.
I've got A LOT happening to me right now... But I am in no way, shape or form giving up on this blog. I just took a little break but will be back in action hopefully in 1 week.

So what IS all this stuff that's happening to me?!

- The first major big thing is I'm having to move. For those of you that don't know yet... I will unfortunately be leaving Ireland soon. I didn't want to go, but I have to. I'm keeping my spirits up trying to focus on the positives: I'm finally going to live in the USA. I've always wanted to and now's my chance. Hopefully I'll have some good opportunities there. And once I get settled there, I can always come to visit!

- I've had to re-write my plans for the future in an insanely short amount of time and am having to deal with packing, planning, and organizing my life in general.

- Another big thing that happened was ArcadeCon, and the week leading up to it I was busy making cosplays, etc. I decided to film my first "Con Vlog" there and should post it up soon. I didn't film as many things as I wanted to because it was such a hectic weekend, but hopefully it'll be a half decent vlog.

- With the super shitty news of me having to move came the INSANELY GREAT news of the NYX UK & Ireland Face Awards, which by now you all know I'm taking part in (AND have made it to the top 10!!! Public vote should be opening soon, I will definitely keep you posted). So that's also been keeping me busy, having to make videos, etc. and I'm loving it.

So yeah, that's my past month in a nutshell...

I'm moving out of my apartment next week, but will stay in Ireland till October. We have till then to party till our arms fall off.

Photo by Hygow Lial

And I'll end this post with my favourite picture of me from ArcadeCon because I've never felt so fabulous and glamorous as I did then, and it's nice to keep that feeling alive to distract from my daily turmoil.

Love ya's <3


Declan Doody said...

Going to be that totally selfish friend who wants you to stay here forever!

Juliana Ayu Yahya said...

Wishing you the very best for your new life in the states

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