Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Pidgin Doll

I've admired the work of Joshua David McKenney for quite a while now, since I found his Pidgin Doll one day on Instagram. And I'm so glad I did. His work is so delicate and precise. All his pieces crafted with perfection.

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He makes everything from ball-jointed dolls, to paper dolls, to necklaces with his doll's face as a pendant. His illustrations are equally as beautiful and they can be found on things like pillows and dresses.

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I don't know if I wish to be a Pidgin Doll myself, or if I'd rather live in a Pidgin-themed house... Either way, today I finally tried to recreate a Pidgin's makeup. Every time I see a new Pidgin Doll, I feel like doing its makeup, but for some reason I never have :/

This is the first of many, probably. =]
Here I tried to recreate the original image, but here's another shot I quite liked but strayed a bit from the original:

Here my eyes are green because that's the original colour of the contacts. I changed their colour in photoshop in the previous pic to match the doll's
This was my first time using the Star Crushed Minerals foundations, too! Bizarrely enough, I loved Alabaster as a contour shade more than I liked Creamy Beige as a foundation (if that makes any sense).
I tried applying the Creamy Beige foundation with about 3 different brushes (that have different densities), next time I'll try a pad applicator to see if I like that better. I like the texture the foundation gives to the skin, super velvety soft. I'm not too keen on the coverage though, I prefer a bit more coverage to my foundations, but I'll try using it in different ways until I find a result I like. =]

For the full product details, check out my picture on Instagram.

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