Sunday, March 29, 2015

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

And today I bring you something I've literally wanted to do for years: Emma Frost turning into crystal.
One day I hope to do the full face + upper torso, but that will take all the rhinestones in the world... A girl can dream, right?

It's funny that a lot of people didn't recognize me when I showed them this picture. :P
I got me some new blue contacts from Pinky Paradise and I really wanted to do a makeup look to try them out! They're the Super Pinky Blue. I already own the Super Pinky Red and the Violet and I absolutely love them. They're super comfortable and have an insanely strong colour.

Here's a comparison with and without the contacts in natural light:

I really like the way they're painted as well, it looks very natural (despite the larger diameter)
I'm as blind as a bat (-3.5) so when I wear contacts, I depend on them for my eyesight.
These are amazing comfort-wise and that's why I like them so much. I'm able to wear them all day to a convention no problem. I have pretty sensitive eyes and have had a corneal ulcer before, so I'm always super careful with what I put in and around my eyes now.

As always, while wearing contacts, be sure to keep your eyes moisturised by using eye drops constantly throughout the day, and if you feel any discomfort at all, remove the contacts immediately!

On another note, If you'd like to see how I dunked my face in glitter and rhinestones (I wish it were that easy) you can check out the tutorial for this look here:


Anonymous said...

Gorda, parabéns pelo trabalho!
Só uma dica: tenta falar um tiquinho mais alto.


PompBerry said...

Brigada gorda <3
Eu normalmente aumento o volume do meu audio no programa de ediçao, dessa vez esqueci :X